About The Company

Games Matchl produces successful development through digital marketing. Games Matchl acknowledges and values the function all its stakeholders-- clients, workers, investors, neighborhood-- play in its success. Organizations that decide to partner with Fathom get a long-lasting dedication to development through data-driven marketing. They likewise get access to a vast array of enthusiastic experts and tools with the expertise and know-how to achieve their business objectives.


By 2011, we had outgrown our office once again, and broadened into the unused area next door, tearing down walls and retrofitting an old storage facility area to accommodate the development to 80+ members. Not long after, we obtained Columbus-based Webbed Marketing to bring our staff as much as well over 100.


We likewise had formally outgrown our previous identity as an SEO company with included services. We now were a full-fledged marketing operation with SEO as simply among our numerous proficiencies. For that reason, Fathom SEO rationally dropped the SEO from its name, highlighting both the more comprehensive shift in the need of the market in addition to its growing offerings in action to it.